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Once blues was one of the most popular genres in music. But nowadays...no one really cares for some good old blues anymore. You are Jerome “Sweaty Jim” Simmons a musician from the old days. No one really appreciates your music but you will change that. Today at the annual Beans Fair you will let them hear your song and share your blues and make them feel the true meaning of a shitty day.

This is a twin stick, music shooter. Run and explore the fun fair and share your song with the crowd. Drain their joy with your deep and meaningful music and let them feel the blues.

This Game was made in 48 Hours  during the 2018 BeansJam hosted by RocketBeansTV!

How to Play:

  • Move - Left Stick, W,A,S,D
  • Shoot - Right Stick, Arrow Keys
  • Powermode - Powerbutton, Q, RB
    • Use the powermode to fill the attractions and stands with your blues to make them useless for the visitors
  • Back to main menu - Leave the Fair to the south
  • The visitors get hungry and thirsty over time. Then they go to a food-/beveragestand. As long as they are Hungry or thirsty, they loose happyness.
  • Speakerpoles increase the happyness of close visitors. Pick up a Speakerpole-item and go near a speaker to capture it and let it spread your blues.

Used Programs:

Unreal Engine, Adobe Photoshop, MagicaVoxel, Autodesk Maya, Audacity


  • Saxophone Song Titel: Solo Sax 1                                     
  • Artist: MusicByPedro
  • youtube.com/musicbypedro
  • Fair Song Name: At the Fair
  • Artist: The GreenOrbs

Known Issues:

If you find any bugs please let us know! :)

We are working on a fixes for those Issues!

Update History:

1.0Initial Release
- Play button directs to correct Level
- Mouse Input Fixed for PC
- Move input fixed for touch
1.1.1PC Only
- Added Input to activate Powermode on Keyboard and Controller
1.2.0- Ui Fixed
- Added Tutorial to Main Menu
- Added indicator for ability to Capture a Speakerpole
- Incresed amount of Energy produced and added passive Energy    production
- Minor Bugfixes
1.2.1- Light issues fixed
- minor bug fixes
1.2.2- added a tutorialpage for exiting the level
1.2.3- changed the fontcolor of the tutorial to white

Team:  Gridie Games

Install instructions


  1.  Download the latest APK File (Highest Version Number)
  2.  Install the APK File
  3. Start the Application


  1.  Download the latest RAR File (Highest Version Number)
  2.  Extract the RAR File onto a desired Hard Drive
  3.  Run the Application via the included .EXE


UnfunnyFair_1.2.3.apk 447 MB
UnfunnyFair_1.2.3.rar 137 MB
(Game-Jam-Build) UnfunnyFair_1.1.1.rar 138 MB
(Game-Jam-Build) UnfunnyFair_1.1.0.apk 467 MB

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